Dordogne is a department (territorial division) in southwestern France that has become a famous tourist destination due to its history and beautiful location. The place takes its name from the Dordogne river that flows through it.

Dordogne receives more tourists than most other places but that doesn’t mean that it has been fully explored or that all the great spots around the rive have become well known. Actually, there is a lot more to the valley of the river than has been so far discovered so far. Intrepid tourists can still go to the French countryside to look for many of the ‘hidden treasures’ the place has to offer.

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But you don’t have to go all the way and then start your search. For your convenience, we have already prepared a list of lesser known attractions of the place for your convenience.

Here is the list of ‘Hidden Treasures’ of Dordogne.


Tremolat is a small village yet to receive the notice of most tourists, but if you happen to visit this place, you are almost certain to find a delightful rendezvous spot overlooking the Dordogne. Situated on top of a hill, the village affords a great view of a loop in Dardogne river. Here you can enjoy good food in one of the many restaurants while appreciating the scenic view this place offers.

Saint Cyprien

Another beautiful village by the Dordogne River is Saint Cyprien. It takes you back in time as the village is dotted with streets and houses designed in the medieval period. This village to presents a great vista to the visitors overlooking the Dordogne river and allows for the kind of pleasant walks through the countryside that one expects in France.

The Sunday market in the village allows you to taste some of the best local produce which includes, obviously, wines but also things like cakes, fresh fruits and vegetables.


Limeuil village lies at the confluence of Dordogne with Vezere River. This place too has preserved its medieval setting and is great for people looking to get a peek into French countryside as it existed in the old days. Also, like other important villages in Dordogne department, this too has many scenic views of the river surrounded by its beautiful valley.

The place is also known for a prehistoric cave that has been dated to 12000 years ago and possesses multiple carvings. Unfortunately, this cave is not open to public but a replica has been prepared where tourists can go and see the artefacts.


This town is the capital of Dordogne department and is full of tourist attractions even though it doesn’t have the tranquility associated with the surrounding villages.

Since this place was once a dwelling of Gallic people before being captured by the Romans, one will find remains of both Gallic and Roman architecture times here.

A temple that was used to worship the Gallic goddess Vesunna, a Roman amphitheater and a Roman villa are some of the old buildings whose remains still exist and serve as a reminder of the layered history of the place.

Being the seat of a Roman Catholic Diocese, the place also has many churches with St Front Cathedra being the most prominent.


Bourdeilles is a tiny village in the Dordogne valley that, nevertheless, contains some beautiful buildings including a chateau called Chateau de Bourdeilles.

The chateau is actually made up of two different buildings with separate architectural qualities. One of them is the fortress which dates back to the 13th century and is designed in the typical medieval style while the newer portion, located inside the walls, is a palace designed in the Renaissance style. The decorations inside the castle have been preserved and give a glimpse of how the place would have looked in the bygone era.

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