No wonder that France has long honored with the title of the ‘world’s most-visited’ country. From the inventive heritage of Paris and the charm of the Riviera to the well-known cuisine of Provence, France’s significant treasures have made it a permanent desired destination among global travelers. The beautiful culture has developed the ordinary towns into a majestic spot to explore. You can’t even count the numbers on your fingers for the most enchanting towns as the place has countless options to pick and decide from.

Most charming towns of the France: 

France is home to numerous utterly lovely towns that will surely make you feel as you have stepped reverse in time. It is not possible to narrow their beauty within a few words. Find the best and most enchanting towns of the country below:

Piana: Piana is made up of traditionally painted stone churches and houses. It is a gorgeous town located in the Corsica. The place is better known as the ‘island of beauty’ and it is also listed as a world heritage site by the UNESCO. Piana with a pictorial setting attracts the people to visit its attractions such as the church of Saint-Marie (18th Century and Italian-style church), where you can capture the painting of San Hugo of Lincoln in your camera.

Ars-en-Ré: Like Piana, Ars-en- Ré is another beautiful place of France. It is best vennelle-de-ars-en-reknown as the ‘town of the bicycles’. With painted homes and conventional green shutters, salt pans and hollyhocks describe the town in a better way. It will surely a great pleasure for you to explore this small seafarer town. Church spire is a trademark of the town. It is an excellent place to chill out with a tranquil view of the town.

Bonneval-Sur-arc: If you are looking for a blend of the simple living and hiking, skiing, then this town is perfect for you. It is positioned below the Col De I’Iseran, which is counted among the highest European mountains. If you are a nature lover and sports enthusiasts, then this town is for you. During winters, it is a paradise for the skiing lover. While in summers, the town turns into an idyllic picnic spot for the families.

Annecy: If you are traveling with your partner, then it is the most romantic town in the entire France. Due to this quality, sometimes people referred Annecy as the ‘little Venice’. The dark blue color of the Annecy lake fulfills your life with the beautiful memories. You can take a short trip to the lover’s bridge, the ‘pond des Amours’ to make your evening even more special.

Colmar: It is one of the most colorful towns of the France. Colmar is better france-341079_1920recognized as the wine capital. It is also considered as the ‘small Venice’ of the France. Beautifully colored homes and dazzling flower-lined canals create a fairytale-like surroundings. You can feel this magic on your own.

France is like a heaven on earth. These small, but enchanting towns added more beauty and charm in the overall elegance of the country. By visiting these dazzling towns, you can collect more beautiful moments.

Hey there! If you have been keeping in touch with travel blogs and news you would be well acquainted with the popularity of France among travelers. It isn’t a secret that France happens to be one of the most frequented countries in the world.