A stress-free living and more laid-backs is what catches the attention of many people all around the world, but with so many good choices, where is the best point to stick a pin in the map? France is popular for so many good reasons. Delicious food and eye-pleasing views are some the reasons to visit and live in France.

Happiest places in France

Happiness comes from the positive surroundings and a better standard of living. Below, we have listed some of the happiest places in France to live a 9fruitful life. Here are the glances:

  • Midi- Pyrénées: It is the largest province in mainland France. Due to its larger area, high quality of living, landscapes, and a prosperous culture is expected. If you are willing to locate here, the average cost of the homes is €188,000. Religious spots include Moissac and Lourdes, Rocamadour, while Albi possesses its UNESCO-listed city Episcopal. If you are a true music enthusiast, then you can head to the mind-blowing jazz town of Marciac. The place hosts some world-class artists every year in August. When it comes to food, then authentic French dishes are there to gratify your craving. The region offers the best version of everything.
  • Alsace: For getting the unique experience of France, you need to move towards the Alsace. The place uses the best things from neighbors strasbourg-1634088_1920Switzerland and Germany, adding up them to more recognizable French enchantments. As a result, you get the most charming region with alluring green landscapes, splendidly beautiful villages and appetizing food options. Flawless, scenic villages suggest you will never be stuck for someplace to visit, while historical sites make the place a must for history lessons. If you are looking to buy a home in the energetic and happy place, you have to spend at least €207,000, which is an average cost of a home in this region.
  • Pays De La Loire: If you are in the search of a happy and healthy lifestyle, then this region has so many hidden gems for you. Even though having a treasure of historical towns like Saumur and Angers, this is surely a forward-looking region. This beautiful region attracts more than 2 million tourists every year who visit here to enjoy the happiest atmosphere. With more than 100 parks to choose from, makes the place green that is equipped with fresh and filtered air. The place holds so many historical stories in its fist. If you are amazed by its fascinated charm, you can buy a home by spending an average amount of €165,000. With countless job opportunities and future growth, the place is an ideal option to live with so many positive vibes.

France can give you a thousand of reasons to smile and live a contented life with your loved once. Choose any of the above-mentioned options and make your life full of smile and happiness.

Hey there! If you have been keeping in touch with travel blogs and news you would be well acquainted with the popularity of France among travelers. It isn’t a secret that France happens to be one of the most frequented countries in the world.