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If the Internet has taught us all one thing, it’s that fetishes are really common. As recently as the 1990’s, you’ll hear all about sitcom characters freaked out by the incredibly mundane fetishes of their incredibly mundane sitcom partners, friends, and neighbors. These days, that’s starting to seem really quaint. We all used to think that we were weird for having certain fetishes. We pretended that other people were weird for having them. Now we know that it’s the people who really just like straight vanilla sex and nothing else who are the weirder ones. There’s nothing wrong with that, but now we know that weird is normal and normal is weird.

So it’s still pretty weird that a lot of porn sites assume that people want everything to be vanilla and normal all the time. They still seem to think that the fetishists are the weird ones. Lots of fetishists take being the ‘weird ones’ as a matter of pride. Still though, they’re not happy about the fact that the porn world keeps stiffing them, and not in a good way.

That’s one of the reasons why a website like the Fake Driving School is so great. There are so many fetishes on display here, it’s not even funny. The entire website is built around a couple of well-known fetishes. The moment you really delve into the website content, you’ll find even more weird fetishes on display.

Fetishes at the Fake Driving School

‘Hot for teacher’ fantasies are some of the most common fetishes that anyone is going to find anywhere. Most of us had teachers. We had them during our sexual awakenings. Some of our teachers were really hot. Really, ‘hot for teacher’ fantasies were inevitable. Obviously, it’s immoral to actually have a student and teacher romance in real life even if you are both adults. There’s too much of a conflict of interest there.

Carefully listening to instructors and helping them fix their problems!

However, there’s nothing wrong with fantasizing about a student and teacher romance. If it’s not actually a student and a teacher up there and it’s really just a porn star and another porn star pretending that education is happening before the sex starts, it’s okay. The fact that this is forbidden in real life is just one of the things that makes it even hotter. Lots of the videos on the Fake Driving School website really play into the forbidden element.

Of course, this very concept means that there are more fetishes at work. Lots of people fantasize about having sex in a car. Sure, they might not want to do it in the real world unless they were desperate, since it’s a lot less comfortable than it looks. It’s still pretty hot to see people do it onscreen in a car. Mixing the mundane with the sexy really helps heighten the ‘sexy,’ and the Fake Driving School helps.

Remember when adult entertainment had a cool scripts? It’s back – take a look at all videos of Fake Instructor lessons!

Of course, at the end of the day, it’s the performers you care about and not the concept. The performers at the Fake Driving School have you covered in the fetish department. If you like thick and curvy women, slim and petite women, big-breasted women, small-breasted women, big-bottomed women, small-bottomed women, or all of the above, the Fake Driving School has you covered. If you like blondes, brunettes, raven-haired lovelies, redheads, or guys with buzzed hair, this is the fake school and real porn site for you.

Video of Stella Cox pleasing her driving instructor (thanks to

Thinking that it’s hot for girls to wear glasses is really common today, and lots of these girls wear glasses. There are girls here that aren’t much older than eighteen, and they are all at least eighteen, and there are MILF women here who have been around the block in all the best ways. It’s the same with the guys, since there are younger guys and guys that make you wish that someone would popularize the term DILF. You can try all of this for a one-dollar trial membership.

A Fake Driving School for All

Finding a place where you can fulfill almost all of your fetishes all at once is really special. There might be some fetishes that aren’t covered here. We all know that everything that can be imagined can be turned into a fetish. Still, this is a ‘school’ that has most of the bases covered in all the right places.

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